Lukken Leather’s Hayden Hrncir

Lukken Leather3

At the age of 14, Hayden realized she wanted to create boots for a living. This dream did not begin to become a reality until her junior year in college when she was taught how to do so by Carl Chappell in Saint Jo, Texas.


Since then, Hayden Hrncir has dedicated her life to her self-run boot company, Lukken Leather. And what a success it has been!

Hayden Hrcir of Lukken Leather

Some work days lasting 16 hours, Hayden works as the only craftsman for her company.

hayden hrnick pic collage

You would never be able to guess her workshop is actually her garage because it is completely dedicated to her work.


I have no doubt when I say Hayden Hrncir is going to be huge one day, as she has a timeless business along with the great style and never ending dedication. I enjoyed taking her portrait!



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